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Home News ASCOMARE Yearbook on the Law of the Sea 2022

ASCOMARE Yearbook on the Law of the Sea 2022

pubblicazione sostenuta dal CiRAM (free download)
YLoS - Volume 2

YLoS - Volume 2


Volume 2 – ‘Fisheries and the Law of the Sea in the Anthropocene Era’ >>>> free download



  • Pietro Consolandi, Mekhala Dave – Haunting Pasts to Flowing Futures: In Search of Oceanic Agency
  • Óscar Cabello Sarubbi – ITLOS Advisory Opinions and International Law
  • Mercedes Rosello – Disordered Legal Pluralism and Legal Security in Internationally Shared Fisheries
  • Kyle Fawkes, Julia Nakamura, Mitchell Lennan – Leveraging International Fisheries Law for Maritime Security in the Anthropocene: Addressing Conflicts in Fisheries
  • Andrea Longo – The Human Dimension of Fishing Activities: Towards a Broader Meaning of Illegal Fishing?
  • Chin-Chia Tien – Reflections on the Human-Fish Nexus in the Law of the Sea: Innovations in Legal Doctrine for Sustainable Fisheries
  • Johanna Sophie Bürkert – The Central Arctic Ocean Fisheries Agreement – Legislating for Resilience? An analysis of the CAOF Agreement from a Socio-Ecological Systems Resilience Perspective
  • Felipe Morais Santos, Camila Graciola – Development and Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture in Brazil: A Legal Analysis
  • Tullio Scovazzi – The Italian Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Pierandrea Leucci – Enforcement Jurisdiction Against Ships Without Nationality Fishing on the High Sea
  • Pierandrea Leucci, Ilaria Vianello – Concluding Remarks