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Applying to be a Visiting Scholar

a) Application Guidelines

CiRAM hosts scholars who are pursuing a research project related to Adriatic or Mediterranean studies. We welcome applications from academic researchers and university faculty members as well as from individuals with experience in government, business, or other professional fields who are likely to benefit from interactions with research scholars.

A complete application consists of:

  • A cover letter/letter of introduction (in English)
  • A research proposal (in English) that includes the following:
    • Title of proposed project
    • Description of research project and plan of research
    • Research goals during period of affiliation
    • Brief statement on how CiRAM affiliation will help accomplish these goals or further career development
    • Proposed arrival date and length of stay
    • One letter of recommendation from scholars who are familiar with your work
  • Curriculum vitae (in English)

Complete applications may be e-mailed directly to the Coordinator of CiRAM (


b) Selection process

As first step, applications will be submitted for approval to the Council of Members of CiRAM, then to the Council of the Department of Law, as the governing body of the administrative headquarters of CiRAM.

The Council of Members of CiRAM appoints a contact person for each visiting scholar.

Scholars hosted by CiRAM can be awarded the title of "Visiting Fellow" only after a study stay of no less than 30 days. The title of “Visiting Fellow" is granted – on a proposal of the Council of Members of CiRAM – by the Council of the Department of Law, as the governing body of the administrative headquarters of CiRAM.


c) Privileges and Responsibilities of a Visiting Scholar

Visitors are independent researchers while in residence at Macerata. They enjoy full access to UNIMC’s libraries and electronic resources. They may be invited to present or otherwise take part in seminars or conferences organized by CiRAM, and they are welcome to attend all public events on campus. Classroom participation as an auditor is subject to the approval of the lecturers of the courses concerned. All Visitors are required to submit a final report on the outcome of their study and research period at CiRAM. CiRAM appreciates receiving copies of publications or papers completed during a visitor’s affiliation with UNIMC.

Please note that CiRAM does not provide funding for the visiting scholars it agrees to host. CiRAM cannot guarantee office space to its visiting scholars, nor does it provide individual computer equipment or phone lines.